25 August 2021

Close the gender gap: NayaPay becomes a Friend of CodeGirls


Close the gender gap: NayaPay becomes a Friend of CodeGirls

We live in a world where only 3% females say a career in technology is their first choice. This also means that – as our personal and working lives become increasingly shaped by technology – technology products and services are being developed and delivered based on the perspectives of only one half of the population. At NayaPay, inclusivity is close to our hearts. With their emotional intelligence, creative problem solving and critical thinking, our female team members add immense value and help us grow on a daily basis. Thought leaders with a unique perspective, they are key influencers in setting and achieving business goals. They are mothers, sisters, wives and daughters who juggle both worlds splendidly, excelling at work without missing a beat in their personal lives - initiatives like our well-equipped day care center for children and work from home flexibilities help in maintaining this work-life balance.

While our business team has a gender ratio of almost 50%, our technology teams could do with more female representation. Given that fewer women opt for technical degrees, this has been an uphill task. To that end, NayaPay is delighted to partner with CodeGirls – an exclusive boot camp designed to empower young girls with coding and business skills, which will help them kick start their careers, become financially independent, and excel in the tech industry. As a Friend of CodeGirls, NayaPay will curate apprenticeship opportunities for graduates of the boot camp, which may lead to permanent placements at the company as well.

CodeGirls is an initiative by Consulnet Corporation, established in partnership with United Global Initiative and WomenTechPk. The philosophy behind CodeGirls is to make the local technology industry more inclusive and create a nurturing tech ecosystem for young girls by working in collaboration with the companies who hire their graduates. The instructors, peers, advisors, mentors, and career coaches uphold a culture and environment where girls are empowered to realize their full potential. The curriculum is developed based on industry feedback by leading industry professionals and experts while the mentors and teachers, all of them are technology practitioners, provide hands-on training to participants to enable them to succeed in the tech industry. The team is working hard towards achieving gender parity in the tech industry as well as in the economy. CodeGirls is now in the process of expanding and needs your generous support, which will allow it to expand its operations and impact more lives in the coming years.

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