Schedule of Charges
Jan - June 2021

S. No. Description Charges

Part A: Account Maintenance
1 Signup fees Nil
2 Annual fees Nil
3 Wallet Unblock / Upgrade fees
- Biometric verification at Meezan Bank ATM Nil

Part B: Debit card
1 Issuance fees including delivery charges Nil
2 Issuance fees if ordered against Cash On Delivery, including delivery charges Nil
3 Annual Fees Nil

Part C: Transfer in to E-Money Account (Wallet)
1 Over-the-counter cash deposit
- At Meezan Bank branches Rs. 8
- At Askari Bank branches Rs. 8

2 Loading through Linked Bank Account Nil
3 Loading through various banks' internet or mobile banking portals using Bill Payment Service (BPS or 1Bill) - to be deducted while receiving funds
- Amount - Rs.0 to Rs. 10,000 Rs. 10
- Amount - Rs.10,001 to Rs. 250,000 Rs. 40

4 Loading through various banks' internet or mobile banking portals using Inter-Bank Fund Transfer service (IBFT) As per originating bank's schedule of charges

Part D: Transfer out from E-Money Account (Wallet)
1 Unloading to Linked Bank Account Nil
2 Unload or transfer using Inter-Bank Fund Transfer service (IBFT) Nil
3 Cash withdrawal
- At Meezan Bank ATMs through biometric verification Rs. 50
- All banks' ATMs through debit card (*) Rs. 18.75

Part E: Other Transactions
1 NayaPay Wallet to Wallet fund transfers Nil
2 Balance Inquiry on ATMs (*) Rs. 2.50
3 In-app merchant payments (from NayaPay Wallet or Linked Bank Account) As shown at the time of each Transaction

Note: All above charges are exclusive of applicable taxes, except for items marked with an asterisk (*)